LG KF755 – Sleek slider device

LG KF755 is a slim slider phone that has impressive looks and is made from good quality materials as well. The front panel is made up of tempered glass which will easily withstand scratches. I tried poking the display with a pair of scissors and it leave any marks. There is shiny and sleek metallic frame all over except on the top which is covered with leather textured material. The bottom and sides of the handset has rubber soft touch plastic materials for gripping the phone easily and the battery cover is made up of carbon fiber which is the same composite material that goes in spaceships.

LG KF755 has a second camera built in for making video calls and there is also an ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the screen contrast and keyboard backlighting according to the light in the environment. The most important control element of this device is the touch panel which is equipped with vibration or haptic feedback and there is also blue illumination when the touches are registered. Below this, there are four buttons for Send, End, Cancel and OK all of which are physical. There is also the plastic keypad which doesn’t have very big keys but still is comfortable for typing short messages.

On the left side of LG KF755 there is a proprietary port for connecting headset or charger. On the opposite side, there is camera button and volume control scroll along with 2 more buttons. The menu of this phone is quite similar to previous LG phones except for the ‘Google’ thing which gives you all the popular services by this company like YouTube, Maps, Blogger, Mail and Search.

I loved the browser installed on LG KF755, it is pretty interesting and functional enough. You can tilt the phone sideways for browsing in landscape mode. There is accelerometer inside the phone for this. Also another praiseworthy feature of the phone is its multi-tasking capability. You can launch a lot of applications at time and minimize the inactive ones on the tray. LG Viewty too had this feature but on the LG KF755, you can launch and then minimize as many apps as you want as long as there is enough memory. If the memory is fully occupied, the new apps won’t launch at all and you won’t get any warning. I tried this in my lab tests and it worked according to my expectations.

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