Electric Buzz

This electric buzz you hear in the air. It almost makes your hair on your arms stand straight up…At least that is what it does to my nerves. ha-ha. When I speak of electric buzzing, what do you think of? Automatically, I think of fluorescent lights because of my story:

My father has these fluorescent lights in his living room of his house. The house can be so quiet until you turn the light switch on. It’s this persistent buzzing. It stops eventually, only for a few minutes, then back to buzzing it goes. How does one who deals with auditory triggers deal with this nuisance of a noise? When I grew up in the house, it did bother me, but i guess i was used to it.

After moving out on my own for several years, after i had my first child, that’s when it just began to drive me up the wall. The funny thing is, he talked to an electrician about it. He said, there was nothing he could do. I told my father he needed to get a second opinion. He said i was being obsessive about the noise in general. I guess because I never complained about it when i lived in the house. It turned out this house built in the 1970’s, needed all new wiring on the east side of the house. Why just

the east side? There was a persistent problem in the living room where the fluorescent lights were located. The wiring issues started in the living room, but I asked my dad again. Why just the east side? He said he didn’t know, but the problem was fixed. My question is: Is there something they are NOT telling us?

So, I did some research. This is known as “dirty” electricity. AND… there are studies of it having a negative impact on one’s health. So, those frequent head aches you get, or that stomach nausea that you have not pin pointed yet. It maybe, Dirty Electricity. There are also more conspiracies on this topic, which I will not delve into, but here’s the deal. You can NOT see electricity, but you can HEAR it?!? This to me is terrifying! One story, spoke of a woman walking her dog in the park. She thought her dog had a heart attack or seizure. So, she leaned down to check on her dog. A jolt of electricity shocked her when she put her hand in her dog’s mouth! So, does that mean the grid is leaking? What the hell man! Again, my point is, you can’t see electricity! Does this make you want to live off the grid? Yea, maybe, but here’s the thing even if you are “off the grid”? Can you still be affected by the grid?

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Year of the Cicada

If you close to any deep woods, this is one “frequency” every one has locked on this year. It’s the year of the cicada. The sound of these locusts are maddening. To make these guys even more creepy, they only come every 13 years!

My friend Cara caught a shot of this guy! Check out her photography page www.facebook.com/rosewaterremnantsphotography

My mother in law calls them “bible bugs!” The shrill of the locust coming out of their shells will drive you insane. Depending on the thick of the forest, the pitch can be super high or low like a generator or power tool whirring in the distance. Have you ever seen one of these guys? Entomologists still do not know why they come every 13 years. These guys are still a huge mystery in the science world.

The Samurai often identified with certain insects and would fashion a figure of a favored insect on his helmet. There is lore behind these over sized tree crickets. One story I came across, the tree cricket families would live together harmoniously until their children reached puberty. Ergo, they would leave the tree in fits of rage screaming and shrilling. This falls into the 13 year time spectrum.

When they come out their shells, they are beautiful! They can not fly right away. They have to wait for their wings to dry. Then, off they fly away! If you’re lucky, you can find a shell still intact. By the fall, they will have all come out of the trees. If you go camping this summer or fall you may be lucky enough to see an empty cicada shell. If you don’t see one, I am sure you will hear one when you step on their hollow shell. You can hear them crack under your shoes when hiking through the woulds and new dead fall.

All in all, the noise can be easily locked on. I don’t think you have anything to worry about this organic creature’s song. Unless their song, has a subliminal message! If it does; It’s probably saying something along the lines of: put down the media device and live!

Are the frequencies driving you mad?

We live in a loud noisy world. Where ever you go, there is noise around you! Whether, it’s traffic on the road or in the air, a railroad track, or just loud cars “bumping” so everyone in a half mile radius can hear your god awful music.

My point is. It’s rare you get to enjoy organic sounds of nature. I recommend every one to do this, and if you can’t hear anything? You are still being to loud. Have you truly ever heard the sound of silence? Or is that a frequency your ears are picking up?

I may be using the term frequency in the wrong manner. Damn, all those good puns i had worked up! ;p

I am speaking of visual frequencies that our brains are affected by without even being aware of it. Such as, subliminal messages. As well as, noise such as harmonic frequencies. Dictionary.com defines noise as “an electric disturbance in a communications system that interferes with or prevents reception of a signal or of information, as the buzz on a telephone or snow on a television screen.”


Are you ready to go on a adventure of conspiring the conspiracies of the waves or frequencies? Are you down? Is this Science or Science Fiction? Comment below for any topic suggestions.